#DefendFlores campaign directs over 1,800 letters to DHS


Media Contact: Anna Tarkov, media@familiesbelong.org

#DefendFlores campaign directs over 1,800 letters to DHS

Letters defend standards of care for immigrant children in detention

Grassroots activist group Families Belong Together (http://familiesbelong.org) has directed over 1,800 letters to Debbie Seguin, Assistant Director
Office of Policy, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement at Department of Homeland Security.

The letters demand that the government “defend and implement in full the Flores Agreement.” The 1997 Flores Agreement limits the length of time that children may be detained in immigration custody to 20 days and specifies what conditions they must be in.

Churches, classrooms, and local community groups are self-organizing letter-writing events in cities across the country through familiesbelong.org/flores, created by Families Belong Together, part of an international movement calling for an end to cruel and inhumane U.S. immigration policies.

Full letter text:

“The separation and detention of immigrant families by the current administration is not only cruel - it is child abuse. Seeking asylum is not a crime, and jailing children to punish their families for seeking safety is inhumane. It seems like common sense to me - children shouldn't be detained in any circumstances, and especially not with weakened protections. Their basic health and safety depend on access to proper medical care, safe living conditions, and being cared for by their families. Consider Mariee, who would have turned 2 this August. She died shortly after being released from ICE's custody. Detention is no place for children. Families belong together and free.”

Families Belong Together is a coalition of organizations and groups who stand against the separation of children from their families and other human rights abuses associated with the U.S. immigration enforcement apparatus.

To learn more, please visit familiesbelong.org or http://facebook.com/familiesbelong