June 14th: New Round of National Marches to Take Place As Opposition Against Family Separation Policies Grows


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June 14th: New Round of National Marches to Take Place As Opposition Against Family Separation Policies Grows

Over 3,500 people have signed up on familiesbelong.org

USA – On June 14th, 2018, thousands of people across the US will join marches, rallies, and vigils to protest the administration’s cruel and inhumane treatment of immigrants and asylum seekers. This new round of protests follows a massive day of action on June 1st, with an expected increase in the number of people demonstrating outrage about the current crisis of families being separated at the border and of children being put in detention.

Over 3,500 parents, grandparents, and neighbors are self-organizing local events in cities across the country through the website familiesbelong.org created by Families Belong Together, a group of concerned citizens who oppose the cruel, inhumane, and unjustified separation of children from their parents along the U.S. border with Mexico and at other ports of entry into the U.S.

A list of confirmed events can be found at the bottom of this release or on Facebook.

Organizers of Families Belong Together expressed the following: “As parents, it is unconscionable that the US government is actively tearing apart immigrant families. They are victims of violence, hunger, and poverty and our government’s actions re-violate them, causing untold damage. Children as young as 18 months are torn from their mothers’ arms by our own government. This is violent abuse and as concerned citizens and voters we state, unequivocally, that this is not in line with American values. We oppose the inhumane policies of the Trump Administration, Border Patrol, ICE, and other federal immigration agencies. We are disheartened by the lack of leadership in Congress whose job is to be a check on the federal government when it overreaches and abuses its power. We are calling for immediate reforms and an end to this barbarism.”

The National Domestic Workers Alliance, one of the organizations that led the #FamiliesBelongTogether National Day of Action on June 1st, is supporting this second round of events on June 14th.

“The outrage and opposition will only keep growing if the Administration continues this cruelty of separating families,” says Jess Morales Rocketto, Political Director of the National Domestic Workers Alliance and Chair of its immigration campaign “We Belong Together”. “Families belong together. This shouldn’t be up for debate. No one should accept babies being torn from their mothers’ arms or children being locked away from their parents. Congress has the power to stop this inhumane practice.”

List of confirmed events (expected to grow)

Families Belong Together Rally

Thu 11 AM PDT

Kesey Square

Eugene, OR

Cleveland March against ICE: Families Belong Together

Thu 4 PM

Cleveland Public Square

Cleveland, OH

Families Belong Together March & Rally

Thu 4:30 PM

Rep. Elise Stefanik’s office, 136 Glen St., Glens Falls NY 12801

Families Belong Together (Rally)-Dayton Ohio

Thu 5 PM

120 W 3rd St

Families Belong Together (March for Stolen Children), Palm Beach

Thu 5 PM · Shared to Labor Community Alliance of South Florida

S Flagler Dr and Southern Blvd

Families Belong Together-Orlando, Florida

Thu 5 PM

CNL Center City Commons


Families Belong Together

Thu 4 PM CDT

Fort Worth, Texas


Thu 7 PM

Huntington Village, NW Corner of Park Ave & Main St

Families Belong Together: Denver Stands Against ICE

Thu 5 PM MDT

3130 North Oakland Street Aurora, CO, 80010

Families Belong Together – Austin March and Rally

Thu 6 PM CDT

Austin City Hall

Austin, TX

Families Belong Together | Dallas Rally

Thu 6 PM CDT

City of Dallas – City Hall

Dallas, TX

Families Belong Together March Los Angeles

Thu 5 PM PDT

MacArthur Park

Los Angeles, CA

Families Belong Together – Protest separations at

Tomol Interactive Play Area

Carpinteria, CA

Families Belong Together Rally

Thu 6 PM MDT

Wallace Bennett Federal Building

Salt Lake City, UT

I.E. Families Belong Together (Familias Unidas) Rally

Thu 5 PM PDT

Downtown Riverside, California

Riverside, CA

Families Belong Together Rally – San Jose

Thu 6 PM PDT · 1 guest

City of San Jose – City Gov’t

San Jose, CA

Families Belong Together is a coalition of Americans who opposes the mistreatment of all immigrants by the current administration and past administrations. We stand against the separation of children from their families and other human rights abuses associated with the U.S. immigration enforcement apparatus. We demand immediate reforms to address this inhumane treatment of innocent human beings on our own soil.

To learn more, please visit http://familiesbelong.org